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Expat Career Couples are managing an increasingly challenging career landscape and this podcast is packed with stories, tips and advice on how to Align and Grow your International Careers together while living on the move. 

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ICC 0: Align and Grow in your Expats Careers


What you will learn:

  • A 2 minute listen to introduce this podcast

ICC 01: Introduction


What you will learn:

  • Your host, Kate, is an expat like you and is navigating a career together with her husband.  

  • She thinks it is about time we got real about the challenges of managing two careers together.

  • In the podcast you will find real stories from expats who are navigating this challenging career landscape as well.

ICC 02: Creating Your Shared Vision - an international love story


What you will learn:

  • how our real-life expat couple went from the 'hardest conversation we ever had' to managing two careers across continents with job offers, travel, relocation and new babies along the way.

  • the importance of creating a shared vision.

  • how understand your own vision helps to meld the two together to became a shared vision.

ICC 03: Creating Your Shared Vision - an expat experience


What you will learn:

  • the benefit of thinking about the family values 

  • how coaching can help identify your values and how understanding shared values enables decision making for the whole family unit and can help with consistency regardless of the culture around you.  

  • how one couple experienced saying 'yes' to both opportunities and what they learned.

  • how the pandemic has encouraged social connection over physical distance and the current lived experience of their expatriate assignment

ICC 04: Team Advocating in Expatriation


What you will learn:

  • the benefit of working out what you want individually and then advocating this within and outwit your partnership

  • it is important to think of ourselves as 'side by side' rather than one 'trailing' or 'accompanying' the other

  • companies can play their part by hearing the needs of their expat couples and adjusting their offerings accordingly

ICC 05: What's next after full-time employment?


What will you learn:

  • what our 'third age' is

  • how and when to start planning for this wonderful, flexible time of life

  • the pitfalls to look out for

  • what can happen when we move out of full time employment

  • where you can find resources that help!

ICC 06: Making Big Decisions


What you will learn:

  • luck can be involved when you are managing two careers,

  • being willing to make sacrifices, respect each others careers, seek opportunities and embrace risk are useful mindsets,

  • how to consider your future challenges.

ICC 07: Just do it because you can!


What you will learn:

  • You might end up managing more than one career but you did not expect it!

  • Various factors can contribute to expat career transitions – visibility with the company, a desired promotion, finances...

  • You do not always have to transition together for it to work out in the end. 

  • Taking time to ‘engineer’ it, is time well spent.

  • It is important to gain the support of your companies.  

  • Creating a shared vision can aide your longer term decisions. 

ICC 08: Top Tips from Expat Coaches who have Been There and Done That!


What you will learn:

  • Top tips for expats. 

  • The importance of knowing yourself, working to your strengths and asking for assistance.

  • About the different services offered by expat coaches. 

ICC 09: Our careers AND relationship are under pressure - hints and tips from an expat Relationship Coach


What you will learn:


  • What relationship coaching is.

  • How to spot when you might benefit from working with a relationship coach.

  • Tips for before and during a conversation.

  • Slow down, stop guessing, talk early, consider your partner as an ally and so much more.

ICC 10: Bonus Content - How to have a more meaningful conversation about your career.

What you will learn:

  • How the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse - Content, Criticism, ​Stonewalling and Defensiveness - can negatively impact our conversations. 

  • Real, practical ideas on how to have better and more meaningful conversations.

  • Advice from Wiebke Anton, Certified Relationship Coach. 

ICC 11: If you are lacking something - create it!


What you will learn:

  • The importance of building a network.

  • Thoughts on wellbeing for expat couples.

  • How to take initiative and get involved.

  • Intercultural insights for Denmark and further afield. 

ICC 12: Building the foundations to build each other up


What you will learn:

  • Stacey and Adrian's story about how moving for one career can be an catalyst for both careers. 

  • collaborating and communicating in action.
  • encouraging and pushing each other works.

  • how your expat location might help and hinder your career management.

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