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Expat Career Couples are managing an increasingly challenging career landscape. T his podcast is packed with stories, tips and advice on how to Align and Grow your International Careers together while living on the move.
Click on the links below to go directly to the episode or visit each episodes dedicated page 

Podcast Cover for the International Career Couples Podcast by Kate Galloway, Executive Coach

ICC 00: Align and Grow in your Expats Careers
Listen to Episode 00
Visit Episode 00 Homepage


ICC 01: Introduction
Listen to Episode 01
Visit Episode 01 Homepage


ICC 02: Creating Your Shared Vision - an international love story
Listen to Episode 02
Visit Episode 02 Homepage


ICC 03: Creating Your Shared Vision - an expat experience
Listen to Episode 03
Visit Episode 03 Homepage


ICC 04: Team Advocating in Expatriation
Listen to Episode 04
Visit Episode 04 Homepage

ICC 05: What's next after full-time employment?
Listen to Episode 05
Visit Episode 05 Homepage


ICC 06: Making Big Decisions
Listen to Episode 06
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ICC 07: Just do it because you can!
Listen to Episode 07
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ICC 08: Top Tips from Expat Coaches who have been there and done that!
Listen to Episode 08
Visitin Episode 08 Homepage


ICC 09: Our careers AND relationship are under pressure - hints and tips from an expat Relationship Coach
Listen to Episode 09
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ICC 10: Bonus Content - How to have a more meaningful conversation about your career.
Listen to Episode 10
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ICC 11: If you are lacking something - create it!
Listen to Episode 11
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ICC 12: Building the foundations to build each other up
Listen to Episode 12
Visit Episode 12 Homepage


ICC 13: Expat Tales of the Unexpected
Listen to Episode 13
Visit Episode 13 Homepage


ICC 14: Money Matters - Are you keeping up with the Joneses?
Listen to Episode 14
Visit Episode 14 Homepage

ICC 15: Adapt & Innovate - with the authors of the International Career Couple Handbook
Listen to Episode 15
Visit Episode 15 Homepage


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