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Professional. Grounded. Challenging. Honest

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I am a passionate and effective International Coach Federation PCC coach with 15+ years supporting individuals and organisations in their personal and professional development.

I am enthusiastic about providing impactful, creative and thought-provoking coaching and development experiences.


I have coached clients across construction, health, hospitality, professional services, data and consulting, creative, hi-tech and transport industries. My intuitive and motivational coaching style enables my clients to find focus and clarity whilst enhancing their personal and professional growth.

Prior to becoming a coach in 2016, I had the opportunity to live and work internationally (UK, US and UAE). In addition to coaching I am experienced in human resources, intercultural competence and organisational development. With professional experience ranging from local government to the world's largest energy companies, I love to partner in coaching relationships working on career transition, geographic transitions and intercultural perspectives.


My professional qualifications in coaching complement my undergraduate degree in Business Studies and Masters in Human Resource Management. I am also the host of The International Careers Couple Podcast.


Adept at transitions, having been an expat and now a repat, I am passionate to support clients to align and grow their careers and personal lives as they navigate life’s changes.

Kate Galloway

What more can I tell you


I am not a triathlete, but I swim, bike, and run (slowly) and sometimes do these activities one after the other in a race. The race is always with myself! Netball player, wild swimmer and believer in people. 


I learned to dance the jive in 2021 and my favourite food is a fish finger sandwich - if you have spent a birthday with me then you know that!  

I am often told that I make people feel grounded when they have been with me.  I attribute this sense of groundedness to having a wonderful family base and life-long friends, near and far. 



The information and exercises in this Guide will help you structure your career conversations so that you can align and grow your careers whilst living on the move. 

Picture of Conversation Guide for International Career Couples
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