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Seeking to align with your partner and grow your international careers together while living an expat life on the move?

If you are an expat couple who are managing your international careers but find this challenging or suspect that there could be a way to really enhance your time living on the move, then you have found the right place!

As an experienced career and team coach, I understand that even if everything is running smoothly (when does it ever in expat life?), coaching support can enhance your ability to make decisions that impact your expat career.  Perhaps your expat package is too good that it is difficult to make the decisions you really want, or it has not been as beneficial to you as you thought it might be.  Perhaps the timings of your assignments are not aligning and it means that one or both of you will miss a seemingly golden opportunity or you fear being overlooked for future opportunities if you say no. Perhaps the timings of your transitions are complicated by caring responsibilities both at home and abroad. Perhaps you have not fully agreed what locations are in consideration and those that are most definitely out. Perhaps you know that having purposeful conversations around these topics are beneficial but the challenge is knowing what to discuss and how to engage in meaningful discussion. 

On these pages, dive into the real stories, the expertise, and the support so that you can align and grow your career goals on the move. Our tailored coaching programs can support you in these discussions and provide you with your own personal route map to making short- and long-term decisions.  


ICCs deserve a special attention


I have experienced the challenge of managing a career alongside expatriate life.  The potential of coaching to make the whole experience feel more aligned and owned by us, the expat couples, is fascinating to me.

I strongly believe that the way expat couples and families move must evolve by viewing the couple and families as a team and by working in a coaching relationship to understand and realise goals at all stages of the expat journey.  I believe that the whole experience can be lived with greater meaning and empowerment through knowing what you want in the short and the long term. 

Within the podcast episodes you will find real life examples from experienced expats along with advice from industry experts. 


No matter where you are in your careers or expat journey, here you will find some genuine advise, guidance and free resources to support you as you align and grow your careers on the move.

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About Kate Galloway

I am an International Career Couples (ICCs) Coach and the founder of Kate Galloway Coaching.  With expertise across Executive, Team, Career and Life coaching along with my own personal experiences, I thrive on supporting ICCs.

I support expat couples around the world so that they can align and grow their global careers. Making time to talk with a coach about the key areas of your personal and professional life Individually and together as a team can make all the difference to how you feel about and how you take those all-important career and life decisions.

I was born England and moved to Scotland in my childhood.  I have spent time in different countries on personal projects and as an expat, supporting my husband’s career, I have lived in 2 countries and repatriated twice.  I am in Scotland for now while our children are at school but I dream of what might come next. During my time abroad I have worked on my own career and have met so many people who also find challenge in the uniqueness of expat life.

I have a long-time interest in expatriates and what makes expatriate life so unique.  As a coach I strongly believe in my clients and their ability to find the right solution for themselves within the safe and exploratory space of a coaching relationship. 


Kate Galloway


The information and exercises in this Guide will help you structure your career conversations so that you can align and grow your careers whilst living on the move. 

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What more can I tell you


When asked I will tell you that I am not a triathlete, but I swim, bike, and run (slowly) and sometimes do these activities one after the other in a race. The race is always with myself!


I learned to dance the jive in 2021 and my favourite food is a fish finger sandwich - if you have spent a birthday with me then you know that!  

I am often told that I make people feel grounded when they have been with me.  I attribute this sense of groundedness to having a wonderful family base and life-long friends, near and far. 

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