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Expat couple sit on a rock overlooking a lake and mountains.


Align & Grow both your careers whilst living on the move

Expatriation and how we transition from country to country has always fascinated me.

I have been one part of an International Career Couple (ICC) myself and love to support couples on their expatriation journey.

Throughout my career in Human Resources and as a Coach, I have observed and experienced first-hand the challenges presented by trying to align careers while navigating the complex nature of expatriate life. As a Coach based in Scotland, I work with expats as couples and individuals on their career management and career transitions.

My Align & Grow coaching package is bespoke to you and your situation. So whether you need to make a decision about which country to move by next week or if you to explore with a coach how you can manage the progress of both your careers, whether you are thinking of a move, in the middle of a move or already on assignment, I have a coaching solution for you. 

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