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Executive on a journey looks out over a lake and mountains to see their potential.


ALIGN your careers goals. GROW your potential. TRANSITION with purpose.



I am an Executive and Transition Coach who supports clients to succeed in their professional aspirations and achieve their ultimate life goals. Whether you are thinking of a career transition, managing change or being promoted. I create tailored coaching programs so that you can truly know your professional aspirations and how you are going to reach them.  ​I am an International Coach Federation PCC coach and I thrive on working with clients from all around the world.  

I provide coaching and consultancy service to global coaching organisations. I am enthusiastic about providing impactful, creative and thought-provoking coaching and development experiences. I have coached clients in large global organisations across energy, construction, health, hospitality, professional services, data and consulting, creative, hi tec and transport industries.  I am an intuitive and motivational coach who enables my clients to find focus and clarity whilst enhancing their personal and professional growth.

Alongside my work as an Executive and Transition Coach, I support International Career Couples (ICCs).  I have always been fascinated with expatriation and I have been one part of an ICC myself! Throughout my career in Human Resources and as a Coach, I have observed and experienced first-hand the challenges presented by trying to align careers while navigating the complex nature of expatriate life. As a Coach based in Scotland, I work with expats as couples and individuals on their career management and career transitions.


Along with my own private coaching practice, I am a senior coach and mentor with Full Circle.  I love supporting other coaches to develop in their coaching practice. 





The information and exercises in this Guide will help you structure your career conversations so that you can align and grow your careers whilst living on the move. 

The coaching I have been doing with Kate has been truly amazing. When I first started, I thought it was going to be all about discussing intentions and wants. However, the visualisation tools she used helped to not only direct my thoughts but to uncover some deep rooted beliefs that were holding me back. Discovering and understanding these beliefs have raised my awareness of what is really important to me and therefore, my true purpose has come to the surface in a clear and exciting way. Im so excited about my next steps and can truly see my wishes becoming reality. I would definitely recommend coaching and specially Kate as this experience has been life changing. 


Kate and I started working together at a time when conflicts in my professional life where causing confusion and uncertainty. For the previous 18 months, I had been living with my family in the Middle East, and it's fair to say that the experience had caused me to question many of the values and beliefs that I had previous used to make life choices. Kate brought to the relationship a strong listening ability, a simply and effective tool kit for self reflection, that was used by us to work through the choices I faced, and the motivators that I was grappling with. I found Kate to be straight forward and authentic, with a agenda focused on helping you break down and solve complex life choices.


Being coached by Kate has really helped improve my approach to setting up my business. As Kate skillfully "held the space" for me to explore how to take my company to market, I felt supported and challenged in equal measure. Kate has a great ability to listen (even when I'm rambling) and also has the intuition to pick up on the things I'm subconsciously avoiding. Book your coaching session with Kate NOW, you wont regret it!



Want to hear more about how you can Align & Grow?  Contact me today to schedule a free, no obligation call. I cannot wait to hear from you!

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