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You are an ambitious couple who are seeking international careers or are already on your expatriate journey.  You are sure that there must be a more savvy way to manage your careers together but the complexities of expatriate life can feel overwhelming at time.  


Working with a coach can give you a level of clarity and another perspective that may just make the difference and help you understand and achieve your goals.

I use proven and effective skills and techniques to provide coaching services that ensure long term change and sustained success.


You've made the move, you're in your new home and things have begun to settle.  But as expatriates, the conversations around what next is ever present.  At times this can feel a little like jumping into the unknown especially when you are managing two international careers.  During our coaching sessions, we will explore the possibilities and work out how to align and grow your careers while creating a meaningful life on the move.

Transition coaching; Career coaching, Executive coaching, Team coaching are all the areas that we touch upon in this impactful coaching programs.

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Life is full of change.  A career change? Going back to work after taking time out with the kids?  Or the desire create change within your life?  Our transition coaching sessions focus on the goals you want to achieve at any time in your life and you will get what you really, really, really want.



Everyone deserves the best opportunities to succeed. Transformational coaching can support you in your career whether you are going into your first job, moving up into a new position, discovering who you are as a manager or identifying those small traits that make you the unique leader you want to be. Coaching supports you so that you can focus on achieving your goals, be authenticate at work and bring your best self for your team, your organisation and, most importantly, for you. 

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